We received a call from Claire, who recently purchased a home in Windsor and required the services of an electrician for a couple of small electrical jobs.

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She wanted to get a power point for the new garage door and get a light fixed. Sounds simple and we do not try to complicate things but it got complex quickly.

When we added the power point to an existing power circuit, we found that it was connected onto a 10 amp light circuit. This is illegal but we also found that it was a simple fix to relocate the connection at a junction box to another junction box that was 6 inches away. Maybe the handyman was just confused.

Next job was to find out why a light was not working. Turns out that both the active and neutral wires were showing an active polarity, so there was no neutral to speak of. This was a little trickier to track down and we decided to route a new cable to the offending circuit and feed it from a known active and neutral source then terminate the other supply. It works as it is supposed to now.

Then it was just a simple task to re mark the switchboard as it should be and tidy up our mess.

You can see from the switchboard that there have been a few changes like upgrades in some wiring and the old fuse board is gone. Safety switches have been added and even a little bit of new meter panel has been installed behind the meter. ( a little bit here and a little bit there ) These old Queenslanders are pleasant to look at but sometimes they hold secrets which can bite you later. I must say that the property had a large block with plenty of greenery and well thought out lawns, gardens and shaded areas.

If your switchboard looks a little tired and in need of an upgrade or just made safer, then call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane and let us fix it for you and keep your family safe.