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I had a call from Glenn of Albany Creek in regards to his hot water system continually tripping his circuit breaker.

We organised a time, first thing Saturday morning as I had other Saturday work to do too. I inspected the hot water system first but that appeared to be quite new and in very good condition so I asked him to show me the circuit breaker that was tripping every night. He also said that he could reset it and it would be fine until the next night. And this has been going on for several months.

Well I took one look at the plug in circuit breakerĀ  and immediately knew they had inherent problems where they reduce their current carrying ability with every trip. I replaced this with a rewire-able fuse and said the problem will be gone. We are now quoting to replace all the fuses with proper circuit breakers and safety switches.

If you have a problem with your electrics then call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane to locate and fix the problem.

The photo shows the plug in circuit breaker removed and a correctly sized fuse in its place. Note the plug in circuit breakers to all the power, light and stove circuits