We have been called to install LED downlight nearly on a weekly basis. Replacing existing 50 Watt halogen downlight with the new 13 Watt LED downlights. They have made such an impact to peoples lives that they just say Wow whenever we turn them on for the first time. We explain the energy savings and the reduction of heat as well as the expected life of 25-30 years. We also install them on a plug base so the are easy to replace by the handy man of the house should the need arise.

Safety switches have also been a big seller with the Electrical Safety Office advertising for more safety switches in the home to include more of your household circuits. This has been aided by the major manufacturers creating a single pole combination circuit breaker / safety switch that was quick and simple to fit as well as being more compact and less expensive.

We believe these trends will continue as well as a general upgrading of smoke detectors as they pass their 10 year replacement date.

Happy New Year to all our past and future customers and we wish you a safe year in 2016 and beyond.