I received a call from Mike in relation to a defect notice that he got from Energex. It noted that the meter panel was falling apart and required some attention from an electrical contractor. We thought so to, and proceeded to replace the offending meter box and switchboard.

The old style switchboard has no parts available on the market for any repairs it might need in the future so it really is a must to replace. Of course when we do this sort of work there are certain minimum standards we must comply with such as installing a new isolation link and meter neutral link as well as not having the neutral go through the meter as it does in this case.003-medium

Mason was off chasing the new meter box up as I removed the old box from the wall and the wall was ready for the new box by the time he returned. We secured the new meter box to the wall and went about refitting the old meter and then all the new Main switch and individual safety switches to the light and power circuits which makes for a very safe house in that respect. All the sign writing is then done to make it clear to the customer as to what all the new stuff does. Last of all we notify Energex of the changes so they can reseal the meter.004-medium-2

If your switchboard and meter box look very tired like this and you want a quote for an upgrade then call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane on 0418739860. We would be more than happy to help you out.