I had a call from a neighbor recently to upgrade his switchboard with new safety switches. His home at Upper Kedron is getting on in years now and things can get out of date with the current trends so we obliged with this very simple to use layout.

All the new safety switches are well labelled to reduce confusion and also limit any future faults to just the one circuit thus reducing the time it takes to locate and remedy any faults.

005 (Medium)

If you look at the older version of the same switchboard, you can see the single safety switch which only covers two power circuits and is not even installed next to them. The term ‘power ref’ could mean anything to an untrained person but to us it means the refrigerator is not on the safety switch.

We also install all new air conditioners on safety switches due to possible damage by Gecko’s which can be quite expensive to repair. and why would you not protect the electric stove and oven while we are there. It is just great safety for a relatively low extra cost.002 (Medium)

If you need an upgrade or just want better protection, call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane and let us give you some of our great service. Call 0418739860