Switchboard upgrade and safety switch install in Keperra


IMG_2426Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane ¬†went to a property in Keperra today and replaced the old style fuse board that had not been improved since its installation over 30 years ago, with the exception of having a safety switch installed to a single power circuit. The back board for the meters was also disintegrating which will become a problem in the future.



Now, with a new rear panel IMG_2427and the meters squeezed over a little, there is plenty of room for the new circuit breaker switchboard complete with individual safety switch protection to all the stove, power and light circuits and we created a second power circuit too. It is also very compact and can now have extra circuits added with ease.

The job is complete and we show the owners how to operate the new safety switches.

We now notify Energex of the changes and invite them to re-seal the meters.