I would like to start out by saying that we are trying to keep up with the Queensland regulators and be able to supply and install smoke alarms when asked to do so. This has become hard with most of the available smoke alarms being returned to manufacturers or being sold  to other states due to non compliance to the new Queensland legislation.

These new Queensland laws are drawn from these 5 source documents:-

.   Fire and Emergency Services Act 1990

.   Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008

.   Building Regulation 2006

.   National Construction Code 2016

.   Australian Standard (AS)3786-2014

.   Land Title Act 1994

We thank all the people involved for their input towards this Queensland legislation and would like to add that only Queensland is affected directly.

Reports are suggesting all the other states are quite happily taking all our stocks of Photoelectric and Ionisation Smoke Detectors and I for one would be more than happy to have Ionisation and Photoelectric smoke detectors installed in my house but I am holding back as I do not want to put in the wrong ones. I do currently have a few battery ionisation ones which was good for purchase of the house way back in 2016. One even triggered tonight when our daughter burnt the sausages, whereas the authorities would have us think they do not work.

Please be wary of people ripping you off with expensive solutions to upgrade to the new Queensland legislation.