IMG_2512.JPG IMG_2513.JPGWe got a call from Ian to install some power and lights to the carport so that there life would be easier when getting the van ready for a trip and also when they came home late at night.

We just asked that he dig the trench and he did that happily through a mate with a machine. So we placed some conduit into the trench so it could be backfilled due to some pending rain. Good thing we did apparently as he got an inch the next day.

Mason and I returned a few days later and replaced all his circuit breakers for safety switches and then extended the existing circuit to the carport with a couple of fluorescent lights on two way switching from the verandah and a couple of well place power points.

We also rearranged some less than legal work over the deck and added a better supply cable and some proper switching to a easily accessed position rather than on the beams up high. Now it is all above board and safe to use.

I also met mr carpet snake in the roof cavity but let him stay as he did look quite comfortable in his little spot between the battens and under the insulation.

If you have some dodgy looking wiring or just want some power added to the shed then call Chris and Mason at Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane on 0418739860 and let us do the hard work so that you may enjoy the things you do.