Please check your laptop computers for the faulty LS-15 plug leads.

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I had a possible call out last night that tripped all the power in a house at Ferny Grove. I was quick to ask if the lady had a laptop computer and she confirmed there was a Toshiba laptop in the house. I then went on to say there had been a world wide recall on some leads (six million give or take a few) from various manufacturers of laptops and suggested she remove the plug from the power point. At this point she was able to restore the safety switch, returning power to all the points.

I asked her to look at the printing on the side of the clover leaf plug end and she said she could not read it. I must say that I need glasses to see it but this is an important step to good safety. This diagram shows where the printing is located on the plug.

if you google LS15 recall you can find all the information you need on this fault which states to cease using it IMMEDIATELY and notify the manufacturer for a replacement to be sent out to you. It is pretty easy. The fault could burst into flames and burn your house down. (speculation)

Please tell all you friends and relatives, office managers and school teachers. We have found nearly twenty of these leads over the last 10 months. Like and share please.