Sue and Kevin were having a small problem with their safety switch tripping for some reason and taking out all the power points so we decided to upgrade the single unit. Previously only the two power circuits were covered by the protection of this safety switch.

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What we have done is to install separate safety switch/circuit breakers to all the circuits except the hot water. This gives a very high standard of protection to circuits that we would normally not install on safety switches. In this case the fridge was not protected so that if you went away for a holiday, a fault somewhere in the power circuit could not turn off power to the fridge and then you come home to a rotten fridge. Now it is still separate but better protected.

(PICTURE. The Old Switchboard)001 (Medium) (2)

The Air conditioners were also not protected but history has shown us that a safety switch can protect the printed circuit boards from gecko infestation. That could save hundreds of dollars in service calls and replacement parts. Some well known brands also insist on safety switch protection as a warranty condition.

It is also just good sense to protect the light circuit due to gecko’s again and also protection for the handyman from electrocution while changing light bulbs. We all want to work safely with electricity.

The hot water system is a contentious issue that depends and the age of the unit and the type of unit. It can be a major nuisance in some instances as we have found out over time,but there are other units where we would suggest the added safety switch protection.

If your home has just one safety switch it is time to ask whether that is enough protection for your family members and also your appliances to a degree. Call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane for a free quote if you are concerned.