One of our long term customers rang as she was having problems with the safety switch in her home at Bunya. It took us around 45 minutes to turn up and assess the situation.

What we found was one safety switch protecting eleven circuits and one air conditioner circuit not protected by the safety switch at all. We proceeded to locate the affected circuit and then track down the offending fault. After a short period we located the dishwasher that had been running and it showed up to be what we were looking for.

This meant that we could then advise to get it repaired by a service agent so that all else could run fine but we also know that tracking down the fault required our professional abilities and specialised tools. Her circumstances meant that this could be a problem down the track some time.

What we suggested was to install separate safety switch units to all the circuits as well as adding one for the unprotected circuit. This means that any future faults will only turn off the one circuit with the fault, meaning it is relatively easy to locate something like a faulty jug or toaster. Even a pool pump fault would be easy to track down for the untrained householder.


Having done the upgrade to individual safety switches, we then tried the dishwasher and it completed it’s cycle. This was because the fault was bad enough to cause a trip when all the other appliances were on the same safety switch but because there were only a few other appliances sharing the one safety switch now, it was not enough fault to cause a trip.

I will say that it was a great thing to safety switch protect everything, many many years ago. Now it is a better idea to protect them all individually as the cost of the safety switches is much less now and the individuality makes life more simple when fault finding.

If you need your life made simpler in the event of a fault occurring, call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane and let us check your situation and advise you of the options available.