Safety Switch fault in Everton Hills Home

Friday afternoon and there is a late call around 5.00pm. Haidee was on the other end of the line and had lost all her lights and the safety switch would go bang every time she tried to reset it. I gave her some advice and things to try before we went there. Her husband wanted to try some things when he got home a little later so I waited.

At 6.30 they rang back and requested help so Barry’s Electrical went to investigate the problem. We looked at the safety switch and the switchboard for the fault and we also tried removing all the light globes but still the fault persisted.

We asked about possum activity and after ruling that out had to resort to checking each and every light fitting. When I got to the bathroom light I found a bit of an odour up close to the light and a stinky bit of ooze in the fitting so I removed the base from the ceiling and found what could only be described as a rotten geckos remains on the active and neutral terminals with some good maggots adding movement to the whole picture.

Having replaced the whole mess and shortening the cables a little I was able to put power back onto the light circuit to the joy of the family. Thank you for call Haidee.

It is something we have seen on more than half a dozen occasions and looks like a trend set to continue. If you have a problem and need an electrician, call Chris or Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane 24/7 on 0418739860. Our fault finding skills have been honed over more than 40 years of experience.