We got a call from a regular customer at Highvale who wanted to add one power point so that he could light up the display cabinet. Sounds easy enough but theIMG_2489 simplicity of the description does not reveal the hardships that we would encounter. First look in the roof space had me cancel the job as a solo effort and re-schedule with Mason’s help.

We turned up today and I was the bunny to crawl into the roof cavity above the raked ceiling. What a tight space that was and I only had to go six metres or so in there. I drilled the timber that was blocking the top of the cavity and inserted the tape down to Mason who was waiting at the new power point position. He taped on the cable and I then pulled in up, backed out about 4 metres and fed it down a cavity wall to an existing power point where Mason retrieved the cable.IMG_2493

I then backed out the rest of the way and brought all the tools back down while Mason finished off the connections.

Wouldn’t you knowIMG_2491 it, that I missed 4 phone calls while I was jammed in that roof cavity. It seems to be the best time to get a phone call when I am in the furthest, tightest, hottest corner of a roof space.

Anyway we tidied up and put the display cabinet back against the wall, added a switch for the LED downlight in the top of the cabinet and a cover for the top side of the switch. It looks pretty stunning when the light is on but the owner will just need to add a short extension lead for the final piece in the puzzle.

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