I went to a Job last week at Upper Kedron where the owner was concerned about the washing machine plug that was overheated and causing problems with the program running through to the end. She thought she may have needed a new washing machine.

I enquired further and found out that the unit had been plugged into a power board because the power point was not in a preferable position. She had moved the dryer and washing machine around which meant it was now closer to the power point but the plug was obviously a problem.

I replaced the plug with little fuss and saw that the power board was thrown away. I also advised her that power boards had a maximum rating and that things like Jugs, toasters, heaters, washing machines and dryers should not be used on them as we commonly see faults on these boards especially during the winter months.

Please check you plugs that are hidden behind appliances and cupboards for any signs of over heating because it could save you from a house fire.

A little reminder that we are still finding Laptop leads with the LS-15 stamped on the plug that connects to the transformer (The black box thingy). These leads were recalled Globally quite some time ago now. Please check online or give us a call on 0418739860 and talk to Chris or Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane for further advice.