Back from holidays filled with relaxation and rest and right into the thick of it.

016 (Medium)

Cabling company (un named to protect the innocent) could not pull a new broadband cable up through the existing conduit so I had to find the problem which was calculated to be under the concrete by about a metre.

We measured the distance by using a snake down the conduit and then proceeded to cut the concrete and dig down to the problem. It was hard labour for the first day back for the new year but I was up to the task. First by Hammer drill with a chisel point, then by hammer drilling, a bit of angle grinding and more chiseling and drilling. Then I decided to get the big Crowbar and sledge hammer along with the hammer drill and a moil point chisel. Two hours later and I was digging soil down to the conduits.

We found that the conduit was there but was not joined together in any way at 2 different spots. The ends were just butted together. I then joined them with a bell end and a but end with a split cover of larger conduit to keep the butted ends neat and in place

After back filling we then tested the conduit by pushing the snake down the conduit by a further 10 metre or so to make sure there were no other problems under the concrete slab area. Now the cabling company can return and pull in their new cable with ease, knowing that we did what they could or would not do.

Bruce is going to have the slab taken past the meter box a bit further and replenish what I took out today and then tile the entire area so the hole in the concrete will never be seen. It should look great when it is finished

If you are having problems with your underground conduits or cables then call Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane and let us do the hard work for you so that you may enjoy you time at home and relax.