Barry’s Electrical was recently requested to fix up a meter box and switchboard as Energex were threatening to disconnect their power due to defects in the meter box area. We Quoted the works and were given the green light to proceed.

Old North Brisbane Electrical Control Box

The picture shows the poor state of the metering area with the two meters and relay being very cramped and surrounded with the switchboard components. The wiring between the switchboard and the safety switches was best described as illegal and dangerous as well as being a risk to the property due to fire risk and a risk to people from an electric shock perspective. All electrical workers working on this board would also be at risk due to these defects.

Electrical Control Box

Firstly we disconnected the power and removed the entire switchboard, meters and the older style meterbox from the cavity wall area and then we proceeded to fit the new meterbox  and switchboard, being careful to maintain waterproofing of the exterior wall. A cover plate was fixed in place to cover the wider hole than could be covered by the new meterbox

The end result was far more user friendly and incorporated the required Fuse link which is an Energex requirement when upgrading a switchboard in this way.

New Style Electrical Control Box


New style circuit breakers and safety switches were installed in place of the existing switch and fuses. Safety switch protection was added to the air conditioner circuit and the light circuit by using the owners existing safety switch and using the new safety switch for the more important power circuits.

Energex were then contacted on our completion so they could inspect the new works and reseal the meters and fuse link.

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