We had a call from Debbie for advice on ceiling fans and lights in Upper Kedron. We dropped by and gave some advice on what was on the market and where she could find these new items.

It seems the advice was heeded and so we were asked to come back and install the new ceiling fan in the main bedroom. I must say that the new DC ceiling fans look great and work even better. They all come with remote control which makes installation simple in most cases and they have six speeds which gives greater speed selection.

Most impressive is the new styling with this model having a short shaft version and a close to the ceiling version (as shown). The blades are curved to give a quiet yet effective movement of the air and this colouring has been popular with our customers.005 (Medium)

So impressed was Debbie that she went and bought another one and we installed it a couple of days later. She was also impressed with our advice on lighting matters and we replaced a few smoke detectors while we were there with the newer Photoelectric ones. One very happy customer.

If you need some advice on electrical matters, call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane on 0418739860