Leanne from Eatons Hill, rang and requested that we replace 5 ceiling fans with all new DC ceiling fans and we were more than happy to do the job. We had been recommended by a long time customer so we had to prove our reputation.


The new DC fans are really quite good to work with once we sort out the construction out of the box. They are also quite easy to install with the fact that they require only the same wiring as a single light due to the remote controls that they always have.

The remotes seem to come with 5 or more speeds depending on the brand but this really is a bonus as the speed control is quite accurate compared to the old style 3 speed fans. They also use far less energy as the motors are generally around the 30 watt range compared to the 60-80 and even 100 watts of the older fans.

It is quite refreshing to see the stylish designs entering the market as well with the shaped blades being more designed to cut the air than a flat piece of wood. Thank you Leanne for the chance to show our workmanship and we look forward to returning to change some of your lighting to the new LED’s in the near future.

If you need to update your fans to more stylish and modern units then call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane on 0418739860