Leo gave us a call in reference to wiring up a shed at his Ferny Hills home.

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We commenced work on the prewire of the shed but have also committed to replace the meter box and switch board as well as installing new Mains wiring into the house.

This is what the existing meter location looks like and frankly I find it hard to understand why it looks so poorly arranged. I would have suspected Energex should have possibly said something about it when the solar was installed and the solar contractor had to organise to replace the main meter , add a service Fuselink and install a fire resistant backing to the new meter area. Smacks of a little bit of cost cutting to the point of reducing the quality of the product.

I will post further photos of this area in the coming weeks as work progresses. If you need an upgrade to the meter box, switchboard or mains then call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane on 0418739860