This will be a good spot to hide for Leo. We have just fitted off the sixteen power points including two 15 amp001 (Medium)power points and seven fluorescent lights. She’s a bright shed now with plenty of light for the job. The power points are for the wood working machines and the fridge of course.

All this is supplied by a small aerial cable that spans the 10 metres from the house and will be protected by a 50 amp circuit breaker in the end, which will give plenty of power for the workman’s needs.

All the circuits are protected by individual safety switches which are the best way to go because they are so simple to operate even for the non technical blokes around. They are quite inexpensive too due to their popularity for sure.

The next step is to upgrade the mains, meter box area and internal switchboard. This is due to happen next Friday which will complete our tasks for quite some time to come. Look for the update in the near future.

If you need the shed wiring by professional electricians, call Chris Bary and Mason Barry from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane on 0418739860.