This is Leo’s meter box area if you can use the term loosely.You might be able to see where the last electrician has installed some fibre cement sheet as a fire proof backing for the meter that Energex changed over to suit the PVSolar installation.

I have already shown you the shed and the switchboard works in a previous post. This post will show the difference we can make to the meter box area without too much effort.

Firstly we disconnected the power to make it all safe and then we removed the metering equipment, fuse link and assorted PVSolar stickers. Then we cleaned up the area and installed the cabling to be used between the meter box and the new switchboard that was being mounted on the reverse side. Just a simple matter of putting it all back together after that and this is what the meter man has to look forward to now.


003 (Medium)


We just used silicone to re-fix the appropriate stickers over the spare panel area and now all we have to do is to notify Energex as to the changes that we made so that they may reseal their metering equipment.

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