005 (Medium)

You might remember Leo’s switchboard from a001 (Medium) previous post. Well today was the day to change it up to something a whole lot better. We stripped it out first and then started the rebuilding.

Currently there is one safety switch protecting three power circuits, which was a good start to protecting people from electric shock when using appliances.

But what about all those other circuits that we also use like the stove and the air conditioner? Even the light circuit can have a cracked or broken switch or when we change a light bulb it could be dangerous if you were to take a shock.

008 (Medium)

This is what we have done. Firstly Mason and Chris pulled in the new mains to suit all this new gear. 16mm cables with an eighty amp capacity that is more than enough to run the house and the new shed with it’s wood working machinery and still be able to give good voltage because the voltage drop is low with such a good sized mains cable. You might be able to see the house is now protected by eight safety switches that individually protect all the circuits and they are easily identified in a very orderly fashion.

The new board is also not jammed inside that cupboard but has been brought to the front of the space with a board that Leo painted up for us. That also makes it safer for future electricians to work on the switchboard in a less confined position

We restored the power and gave a run down on how to operate the new equipment before presenting our account. If you need an upgrade to the switchboard call Barry’s Electrical for a professional job on 0418739860