I had a call today from Christie who said her parents were having problems with their safety switch in their home at Keperra. I promptly made an appointment for a little time later.

We arrived just before lunch as Robert was washing the car out the front. I had a conversation with Robert about the nature of the fault and its frequency as well as finding out what he had tried to locate the problem. I assessed the situation and asked if there was a laptop computer in the house and we went straight to it.

I then located the power supply transformer and unplugged the lead that goes from the wall to the transformer and located the LS-15 stamp on the clover leaf design plug end. We tested the lead and found that it was clearly having a short circuit in the faulty plug end.

We then went online and Googled “LS15 recall HP” because it was a HP Laptop. Then we located the HP.AU website result and searched for the recall notice which we then added Roberts information to and they should be sending out a free replacement.

Carolyn and Robert were very happy with the quick results and now they can relax as they wont have to worry when they go out, that the power may be off while they are at a funeral tomorrow.

Robert then went and cut some fresh roses for our wives as a gesture I suppose for our thorough explanation of the fault and help with the replacement too. Thank You Carolyn and Robert.

If you need someone to find a fault, call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane on 0418739860