With storm season here, it is worthwhile to inspect your property after an event. This was what we found when inspecting a property after a lightning strike.

 lightning strike damages roof tiles

The home owner said that they were out when the storm came over about 4.30pm Friday afternoon. On returning home later in the evening, they came inside, relaxed and then went to bed as normal. In the morning they awoke to find water on the computer desk which had come through a light fitting. The water was only enough to create a big puddle on the desk and did not wet the floor but did ruin the table by getting under the laminate.

 Electrician assesses lightning strike damage

Barrys Electrical North Brisbane were called on Saturday morning and discovered these tiles misplaced on the roof above the study. We enquired with neighbours and they confirmed a extremely close lightning strike and extremely loud clap of thunder. Damage appeared to be confined to wet roof insulation and the water had run through the light fitting with no damaging effects. Because in was mainly an electrical storm followed by only a very light shower this has restricted the damage.

 Electrician fixes lightning strike damage

All the tiles were repositioned and the insulation was relocated easily due to an excess of insulation in the roof space and it was expected that the remaining moisture would dry thoroughly from the heat of the days to come. The electrical circuits in the immediate area were inspected thoroughly for moisture damage and none was found. All in all it was a good result from what appeared to be a direct lightning strike

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