007 (Medium)It is just amazing to see what some LED lights can do to an old kitchen. Debbie had already seen what they could do for the bedroom and the office in her home at Albany Creek but it still had the wow factor when we replaced four 50 watt halogen lights (200 watts total) for four 13 watt LED lights (56 watts total) in the kitchen area. That works out to be a 70% saving in electricity which will add to the other energy saving lights and fans that have been installed.

The other factor that changed was the old lights were warm white (quite orange or yellow) and the new lights are cool white which instantly gives a clean feel to the room.

Warm White has a color of between 2700K and 3000K which was good in older times but now makes everything a bit orange and hard to see the real color of the walls and furnishings in the home.

Cool white has a color of between 4000K and 5000K which is the most popular range now, probably due to the colors standing out more in all the rooms of the home.

Daylight or Natural has a color of between 6000K and 6500K but is not well received in peoples homes due to its Blue tonings. These cause a detatching feeling best suited to office work stations where the boss wants more work done.

If you require some upgrades to the lights, Call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane.