We received a call from Sharon of Albany Creek because another of her halogen downlights had failed. We had previously informed her that they were no longer the preferred style of light due to their high energy consumption and heat output as well as their high maintenance and had told her that LED’s were the way to go now.

It was decided that the three lights in the kitchen  bulkhead should be replaced with LED’s and the parts used to maintain the old lights outside over the patio area. I explained that the light output was superior to the present fittings and that the cool white color of the light would be more pleasant in its appearance when it came to objects of great color. 016-medium

Notice that the flowers look quite stunning in their colors and yet the old lights showed them with a orange light tint that made them less appealing to look at. Now imagine that you are looking at a nice steak or even preparing the vegetables for cooking. This light will help to show any discoloration in the food being prepared. It will also show the paint on the walls as a truer color and even the colors in the pictures and portraits hanging on those walls.

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