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LED lights in Albany Creek

Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane was invited to add more light to a lounge room in a Albany Creek address.

We found the room to be quite dull as it was lit by just one central light. This was good back in the past but now the new home owner wanted it to be more of a meeting area for a group of women so that they could sit and talk freely but be able to see each other.

We opted to install six new 13 watt LED down lights in cool white because this style of light gives excellent light output, is dimmable and allows people to enjoy the colorsĀ  of the furniture, carpet, walls and of course the fixtures and ornaments. It really brightens the room and just transforms it at night time.

There were 3 x 60 watt bulbs (180 watts) before and now there is 78 watts so there is a saving in electricity costs and these new LED’s are rated to last 25 to 30 years so you do not need to be buying replacement bulbs too. Win Win.