I received a call from Rob at The Gap. He was in need of a rewire for his house as he was giving it a total renovation. When I first walked in it was just a bare area with a few walls, no floor coverings and all the wiring had been cut off and removed where possible.

We sat down in a pair of patio chairs and looked up at the timber ceiling and spoke about how Rob had pulled out all the wires and plugged all the holes as well as removing all the pin clips, screws and nails. He then restored the timber with a lot of elbow grease and could now enjoy the benefit of the visual joy that it is. Rob was sympathetic about the timber and said that it should be the feature of the house and I could see the passion and understand his feelings there.

We set about quoting for what was just lights and power but along the way we had a hand in the style of lights and fans to get and also not to get. Everybody speaks about the timber DC ceiling fans which have become a bit of a hero with how they blend in and just how well they work.

019 (Medium)

Now we are something more than a year later and the efforts of a lot of tradesmen is showing through and allowing the timber on the ceiling to have a well deserved glory. I have only one photo that gives an idea of the finish result , but just like scenery, you have to see it with your own eyes to really capture the feeling with the different levels of light from the sun and the new light fittings that highlight the color palette and the timber combined. Enjoy the new place Rob and we hope to see you again for the other build plans you have.

The job did entail a few other things like New electrical Mains and Meter box, Phone line renewal from the street, Cable internet connections from the street, future conduits to the Shed, Studio and Second Building Extension. Future conduit for the Solar Power guys and also a couple of free to air tv points and alarm system wiring, data cabling and electric door bell. It also has safety switches to all the circuits as well as wiring for future Air conditioners if required.

If your house needs a rewire or even just a few extra lights, give Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane a call and let us use our professional skills to finish the job for you.