Just how hot can it get up in the roof cavity of your home and how long can an electrician stay up there. We have had a really warm summer for finding these questions out and the requests for roof work keep on coming in. We also want to be able to give you what you want and need so we will go the extra mile for that.

Mason and I were working in a roof a couple of weeks ago during a hot spell and all I had to do was drill a few holes and drop 4 cables to new power points and then join them into an existing circuit which ran past the area. After about 15 minutes I had all the cables run and ready to go into the junction box but I recognized that my hand was starting to shake so I got out of the roof and cooled down with cold drinks and a splash under a garden tap.

Mason then went up and finished off the junction box and came down within about five or six minutes and had to also cool down from that short exposure. It is now about 8.30 am and we had raised our core temperatures dramatically with plenty of work to do in the day. Luckily our next job had pedestal fans on us as we fitted off a kitchen.

About 11.00am and Mason was back in a tighter ceiling cavity pulling a cable for a ceiling fan install. Eleven or twelve minutes and he had completed the task but he was more than heated. He then took the time to cool down and have some more cold drinks while I finished off the fan.

We completed another couple of small things and went to the pub for lunch and a refreshing ale. Our day was over as we were still perspiring too much to continue. I did get into the second roof with a temperature gun and could only get it to register to 54 degrees.

I was in a roof later in the week and found the roof to be 74 degrees on the bottom side of the asbestos sheets. So now we have a competition between father and son to see who has been in the hottest roof. I did have one before Christmas that the rafters were 61 degrees. I took that reading because my hands were burning from touching the timbers.

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