008         Barry’s Electrical was called to a lovely old lady in Alderley who was having a problem with her heat lamps in the bathroom. We inspected them and found that one of the lamp holders (which were bakelite and not porcelain) was burnt out and looked like it could nearly have started a fire.

I replaced the offending fitting with a better quality one with the same 2 x 275 watt heat lamps and tidied up the job.

I also explained that it would be good if she could run the fan and heat lamps at the same time which should be better for cooling the fitting


After a couple of days she rang and said the unit was not as good as the old one and she wanted more heat as she is in her nineties and really feels the cold. OK then, I went around to talk about the alternatives and her daughter was there. She expressed that blower heaters were not acceptable and oil heaters were not acceptable and she just wanted the bathroom to be HOT. I asked her mum then if she wanted to pre heat the bathroom like the good old days and that was given the go ahead.



Well I searched for three and a half hours on Sunday and found a strip heater at BETTA ELECTRICAL over at Virginia and they were open until 4.00pm. It asked them to hold it for me and picked it up 20 minutes later.

I had previously made an appointment for 8.30am Monday to fit it on to the wall above the vanity and mirror and installed a power point to supply it from. Mason and I completed the install and also shortened the supply lead to be much neater and directly to the side of the heater. This was within her reach.

Upon showing her the new heater she was chuffed and very happy with the result as well as being happy with our speed in getting the job done without a long wait. It also has 3 settings so it can be 500, 1000 or 1500 watts of heat using the handy cord pull switch.

Some jobs are a challenge and we accept that and look for the solution that fits.