It seems to be that Home Safety is a big issue for home owners this month. Hot items have been Smoke Detectors and Safety Switches, with every second job requiring new units. One property had no safety switch at all, thinking there was one in the community meter box. This turned out to be a blessing as we offered to protect the stove, air conditioner, power and light circuits with individual safety switches for a very reasonable cost which he could not let go by.013 (Medium)

Another person ring with concerns about safety switches and how it had just saved a young girls life from electrocution when she put a knife in the toaster. The first concern was for the child and then it turned to the fact that there was still power in some sections of the house that were on when the only safety switch was off.

I explained how we had a promotion recently that asked if you have enough safety switches and that the current trend was to install individual safety switches to all the circuits in the house. We will rectify this tomorrow when we visit the place with the highest degree of safety in mind.

If you are concerned for your homes safety, call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane and let us give you some great advice.