Mark gave me a call and said he was 004 (Medium)getting a new hot water system installed at his home in Albany Creek. Nice one Mark. The new Heat Pump looks great over at the other end of the house to the existing hot water system.

We removed the small circuit for the old hot water system as it was too small for the new unit. We run the circuit under the eaves in conduit to keep it neat.

We also replaced the circuit breaker for a safety switch unit to give it more protection from geckos on the printed circuit boards.

I must say that I am a convert to these units as I have one myself. Over the last 15 years it has cost me approximately $140 for last years electricity to the unit (thats all 4 quarters). 15 years ago it was about $60 for a year. That would make it roughly average out to $1500 total running cost for the last 15 years. Now figure a standard 250 litre hot water system on off peak costing around $130 and quarter now and about $60 a quarter back then. That’s (paused for thinking) about $6000 running costs for the same time frame. Now if you take out the price of the unit and the installation then I am still $1500 in front after all that and the energy saved is quite substantial really.

If you want to save the planet and reduce your foot print and green house thingies then call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane and let us connect you new heat pump.