It certainly was an emergency to Peter, who rang and needed some attention to the mains connection on the front of the house at Ferny Hills.

We were there pretty quickly as it did seem to be quite serious. Energex had disconnected the power for safety so that a contractor could repair the fault to the Mains Box.

This is the sort of thing that can happen over a long period of time where a loose terminal develops through the heat that is generated from a slightly loose screw. The sort of symptoms are dimming lights as well as power going on and off randomly without tripping any circuits. The jug may even take longer that normal and the electric stove might not seem to be as hot as normal.

072 (Medium)

We were able to replace the Mains Box with a brand new version and then restore the power as Energex had left the fuse for us as well as a form to complete. You have to love regulation and paperwork.

One happy customer in the end. If you need help with the power, call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane on 0418739860

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