Judy from008 Newmarket rang and was in a bit of a panic about all her power being off. She had rung Energex for advice and their efforts could not resolve the problem so they said to call a Contractor

Having found the offending safety switch faulty as it would not reset correctly and the switch fell down slowly when it tripped, I decided to file it in the appropriate location (the rubbish bin) which was full of clippings.

I then asked if she wanted to install separate safety switches in place of the one unit that protects two power circuits, a pool circuit and a light circuit but she wished to keep the price down a little and just wanted a replacement unit which I was carrying in the van.

There is good 007reasoning to install separate safety switches to each individual circuit as it means that only one circuit is affected at a time. This means that when Murphy strikes on a Sunday afternoon, you can probably get through to Monday for a less expensive service call. It also makes it much simpler for fault finding for both the customer and electrical workers

Having done the changeover of the unit, we tested its operation and restored power to all the protected circuits.

If you are experiencing problems with your power and you need someone to inspect and rectify the problem, call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane and let us get the power back on for you.

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