013 (Medium)

Sometimes we get to do the dirty work of digging for underground faults. It just so happened that this is what we were doing today.

Previously Vince had requested that we look at a fault with street lighting at a town house complex at The Gap. Being very busy we had to let another contractor do the work. It worked out that the contractor wanted to do quite a bit of work that appeared to be very pricey so they waited for our return from Easter holidays to get a second quote from Barry’s Electrical.

When we looked at the job thoroughly, we could not see the same work as the previous contractor so we quoted a varying price as the work was an unknown quantity because of its underground nature. This price was only one third of the other quote at the higher end of our estimated cost. We were given the job without hesitation.

We attempted to locate the conduits to establish if we could pull in a replacement cable but the soil was very hard so we had the conduit located by a specialist as it was under a bitumen roadway for most of its route. He indicated where the cable ran and also where the fault could possibly be. This was where we started our search but it proved to be incorrect. Even though it was not the position of the fault it allowed us to replace the section of cable completely, therefore removing the faulty cabling that was causing the problems to the street lighting circuit.

Having then re-tested the circuit, it showed a perfect result which was what we were after so the whole section was reconnected and tested to the relief of the caretaker. All this came to two fifths of what the other contractor quoted, saving some five thousand dollars for the residents in the end. I am glad that the work was what it was and not more damaged than we suspected but then that is why we use our experience in a situation like what we had today.

If you want an honest tradesman to do your work, call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane and let us do the right thing for you.