Earth leakage fault finding in Ferny Hills0001178_hager-rcd-mcb-combo-1pn-6ka-c-10a-16a-20a-25a-32a-30ma-a-cla

Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane was called Saturday morning for a fault that was tripping a power safety switch. 15 minutes later we turned up and it was seen that there was a single power circuit tripping it’s combination safety switch / circuit breaker, similar to the one pictured.

It did take some time to locate the water that was dripping onto the power points under the sink for the dish washer and insinkerator but once that was located we were able to replace and relocate them to a drier location as well as replace one older style power point and one severely cracked power point also installing a isolating switch to the range hood power and replacing the insinkerator control switch.

I then restored power to the circuit and tested the new points for correct operation and swept up all the mess I made.

It is good to get all of those little jobs done at the same time while I was on the job and now our services will not be required for quite some time.

Thank you for the call Miriam it was our pleasure to be able to help you out and thank you for the coffee. it was lovely.