002 (Medium)

Well, what can I say about this. OVERKILL!

This is a switchboard that has been installed in the garage of a 4 bedroom home at Ferny Grove. Donna asked if we could inspect her house and fix a few small problems.

Upon arriving and looking in the garage at the switch board, I was stunned to say the least. This is a industrial switchboard designed for a medium factory or a small shopping centre and not a domestic house. It is just not required at all.

Looking further into the roof cavity I found that the previous owner was a budding electronics enthusiast and did his own wiring mess up there. It was like spaghetti junction up there with electrical wiring, communications wiring, data wiring, surveillance wiring, phone wiring, alarm wiring, 005 (Medium)sensor wiring, speaker wiring and also some 12 volt wiring. These wiring systems were all intermingled in a confusing mess and no care was taken to keep it organised or within any type of compliance to the wiring rules that relate to these forms of wiring.

I feel that all this wiring should be removed and only the wiring that is absolutely required should stay and be segregated from the 240 volt electrical wiring system. The switchboard could also be removed and reinstated back to the meter box.

We have also removed five lights that were incorrectly wired to one overloaded transformer, with five new LED downlights that light the kitchen extremely well now.

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