I received a call from Naveem to upgrade his switchboard and meter box at his house in Ferny Grove.

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Firstly we had to remove the existing meter box and switchboard which were the original ones installed when the house was built probably thirty years ago. I am sure it has served well but now there were power fluctuations due to the busbar at the rear of the fuses burning out.

All the fuses were removed and the existing safety switch was to be reused to minimise the costs as much as possible. then the old tin meter box was removed from the wall and the new one was installed in its place.

Mason worked on the meter panel while I did the removal and installation and then we combined our forces to finish of the installation of the new switchboard gear. Firstly was the main switch and then a new circuit breaker for the stove. We added separate safety switch/circuit breakers to the two power circuits and then reused the old safety switch to protect the light circuit and the two air conditioner circuits. Lastly was a new circuit breaker for the hot water system.

image2When you compare it to the old gear it is much easier to work on for all electrical workers and easy to understand for the owners if there was a problem with any of the appliances in the future. We also notify Energex of the changes and get them to come out and reseal the meters.

If you need an upgrade to the meter box or your switchboard then call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane on 0418739860.