We received a call from Laurel in relation to her switchboard and meterbox area. She requested a quote to change the whole thing up to the current standards. Well it took a little imagination but we presented a fair price and it was accepted so we went to work.

Firstly, Mason and I stripped the fuse box and meter areas of all the equipment and then we located the hot water relay mounted inside near the hot water system. This was a common place for the older SEQEB to install it when the normal location was not available. img_0081_li-2

We then went about installing the large junction box to extend all the circuits from, and mounting the new meterbox and switchboard facility. It was quite a time consuming job due to the extension wiring required for all the circuits and the mains.img_0097-2

You can now see the meters and relay mounted in a more accessible position and this will be much easier to read for the meter readers too. All the fuses have been replaced with individual safety switches including the stove, air conditioner and light circuits. We do not normally install a safety switch to the hot water system unless it is new, due to the earth leakage that we know the element has and subsequent problems down the track a while. This switchboard is now also much safer to work on for all the electrical workers that may come after us, including solar workers and even the Energex workers.

Finally we will notify Energex of the meter changes so they may reseal the meters and pass this information back to the customers so they may contact the retailers about the resealing of the meters too.

If your meterbox area and switchboard need some work done at a fair price, call Mason and Chris from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane and let us make it a better and safer installation for you.