003 (Medium)

We were called by Pam to replace a couple of lights and install a ceiling fan at her home in Keperra.

Seems easy enough and it was except she picked up the light without the sensor  while she was shopping.  We were able to repackage it and she replaced it for the sensor light version which we installed the next day.

Pam was quite happy about all the work and then we were approached by her neighbor who wanted two fluorescent lights replaced and a “cable internet” cable relocated to the other end of the house and downstairs, all before 10.00am. I just happened to have 2 fluorescent lights in my well stocked van so Mason got to work replacing them, while I unclipped the coaxial cable for the internet and then re-routed it between the floor and the ceiling, to the opposite side of the house and fished it down the wall to a new outlet. I also made up a new longer lead for the router.

Everybody was happy and we finished at 9.40am.

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