We received a call from Elizma to enquire as to whether we were able to locate a fault in the outdoor security lights of her building. We arrived shortly after the call and went to work looking for the fault that was tripping the light circuit about every five minutes.

Firstly we replaced the obvious globes that were not working correctly and then we were forced to go and get parts for an unusual light and it was when we returned that we noticed one of the car park lights was out and all the other lights were still on. This sent us up the pole to investigate and on opening the front glass I was drenched in water from inside the fitting.

So off to the electrical wholesalers for a replacement light which just happened to be a new style 80 watt LED floodlight. These lights are rated for very long hours and have no parts that are serviceable so there is no maintenance other than keeping the cobwebs off them for the next twenty, thirty and even forty years. In comparison to the old 150 watt light, it will only consume half of the power over that time too.


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