Benjamin called about a problem he was having with his ceiling. Seems that he unscrewed the whole light section off and twisted the internal cabling 014 (Medium)to a point where it shorted  the lights circuit.

It was at this point that I made time to go to his house and make the necessary repairs. All I had to do was remove the entire ceiling fan from the ceiling mount, then remove the entire light fitting from the fan, replace the internal light wiring loom and then reassemble the fitting. all was now running as it should and I showed Benjamin how to remove the glass only from the light fitting in future.

I must say that it is not the first time We have had to repair the damaged light wiring in a fan and probably wont be the last time.

If you have damaged the wiring when just attempting to replace the globe, give us a call and let Chris and Mason make the necessary repairs. Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane can be contacted on 0418739860