011 (Medium)

We were called to Beth’s house in Ferny Grove, to relocate the modem from the rear of the house and install it in the centre of the house. The pantry is as good a spot as any and certainly helps to hide all that associated wiring.

Firstly we were able to position the modem into a central shelf area and supplied it with a phone outlet with the wiring removed from the door jamb where previous phone workers had installed it in a terrible manner. Then we added 2 Cat6 data cables which ran to the position in the back room for the main computer and also into the family room for the laptop computer to have direct cable access to online.

All that was left was to install a double power point to this area to supply the electrical devices and test the new data cables. Easy as pie for fully trained professionals like Mason and myself.

This will now give a better performance for the wi-fi devices to connect while in the house living areas and even out on the patio.

If you need your network set up in a better location or even just set up better, call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane and let us make it happen for you.