004 (Medium)

We have had some pleasant weather recently. There is nothing like a little sit down to take in the view and join some cables while Mason was crawling through the roof space doing it a little tougher.

The owner here wanted some lighting rearranged and some LED lights installed in place of the standard old lights. We also replaced a big old flood light with a LED version and altered some two way switching. We also rearranged the odd switch plate so that the switches were in a better understood pattern.

Have you ever noticed that when you walk into a house, the lights that “light your way in” are at the top of the plate and the lights that are “where you have come from” are at the bottom of the plate (generally).

The week seems to have been quite hectic at times but we did get a long morning tea break on Friday and even squeezed in a counter meal and a beer for lunch followed by a couple of small last minute jobs for the afternoon that went till 5.00pm.

If you have saved up a few small jobs then now is a good time to catch us. Ring Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane on 0418739860.