We had a call from a regular customer who was after a few weather proof power points for a future shed and a water pump. It involved some underground work and sleepers for posts. It also required knowledge of the proposed loading on the circuit so that we can accommodate for voltage drop within the cable over longer lengths while allowing also for expansion later.

We were fortunate that he had organised a trencher to dig the trench to a good 500mm as that took the painful part out of the job. All that was left to do was the technical section.014 (Medium)

It started out as a misty early morning high in the hills but the job did not take too long, making up the conduit and cable as we went. Adding large radius bends for easy corners and then positioning the sleepers in the right locations. We partially backfilled the trench to hold the conduits in position while we fit off the weather proof power points to the sleepers. We also add the warning tape and then add a light cover of soil to complete our trenching duties.

The owner then opted to complete the backfilling task to save a few dollars and we were more than happy for that. Testing was all that was left to do and once it all passed it was then on to the next job.

If you would like power in remote locations around the property then just call a trencher. Seriously now, call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane on 0418739860