It was probably more than ten years ago when I installed a generator to my home at Upper Kedron. Well before The Gap storm and other power outages.

It was used for four days, non stop after The Gap storm went through and I have used it twice for events of less than five hours duration. I also built the generator house on a small slab so that I had somewhere to keep it and it can be run with the front doors open to reduce the noise.

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Generators can be hooked up in several ways. You can select the circuits to put it on and just have those on a change-over switch but that is more for an essentials only type system.

You could also just have the generator and run leads into the house. That way you can also take it camping if you wish.

What I have done is to connect it to all the circuits via a much heavier rated change-over switch. This allowed us to run whatever we wished, whenever we wished. It does have some limitations as we were running both our fridge freezer in the house and the garage fridge freezer. We also ran all the computers and TV’s at will, due to their small load and the internet was connected continually. We could run lights but restricted that to the rooms we were in at the time. We also ran the jug when we liked but not at the same time as the toaster and we could use one element on the stove or the oven as well. The small room air conditioners could also be run at night time only and the ceiling fans any time due to there small load as well.

The restriction comes from the rating of the generator. This is a 5.5-6.0 Kilowatt unit which means it can run 22 amps constantly and 24 amps for a short time only maximum. It is also permanently connected via a heavy industrial type lead but it could be installed to a plug and lead system at a considerable extra cost

We found that we were able to run a lead to the neighbors next door and they had a fridge and freezer running with a tv for entertainment and a microwave to heat the baby’s bottle as well.

If you would like to be storm proofed with a generator, Call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane and let us see what we can do for you.