This is just a mess and it infuriates me that someone that lives so close could do this.

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He is a professional as I am and he should stick to his trade as he is not good at mine.

I will never know what is behind the wall but I am sure it will not last if it is like what I have seen here in front of the wall. I will not give away any trade secrets suffice to say please do not do your own electrical work like this.

Some of the faults were the use of non insulated paper tape to cover a live connection, not once but twice, which is a shock risk. Insulation removed half way along a loop connection that had exposed live wires, another shock risk and potential fire risk. Cable that had been cut through to the copper by a stanley knife and left without protection, which is a short circuit risk as well as an electric shock risk and fire risk.

If his house were to burn down from this he would seriously risk having no insurance cover at all for the price of a little bit of electrical work by a professional. Worse still could be the sale of the house and then passing the risk onto the next home owner.

If you know of someone who has faulty wiring or is a do it yourself kind of a guy and they need professional help, call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane and let us make it right and keep everybody in the family safe as well as the assets safe.