Kim and Angie called to get us to do some more electrical work at their Old Queenslander in Enoggera.

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We were running a little late but managed to get there and complete most of the work that was asked of us. Firstly was the replacement of the dining room light and then the replacement of two ceiling fans.

I was lucky enough to get Mason to go in the roof today as it was still just a little warm. When Angie walked past the open Manhole she could feel the heat coming from the roof cavity area and commented to that affect. It was quite warm for sure, under the tin roof and with batts on the ceiling.

We finished the task off with an extra power point under the stairs and left the rest for another day. I did happen to remove the old TV outlet and found a 4 inch piece of cable on the other side and nothing else. She said the reception seemed to work from that point but I think we will have to cable right through to the existing antenna. That’s on our next visit now.

If you need those finishing touches done or a complete house rewire, call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane to get a professional done. 0418739860 is the only number you will need.