I had a phone call from Mike who wanted to replace four ceiling fans in his home at Albany Creek. No problems there, so we set to it without haste. What we found was three of the four ceiling fans had faulty wiring installed to the switch to the fan motor.

The previous person used a larger the normal cable that was only single insulated, whereas the cable could have been much smaller and should have been double insulated. This presented a risk to both the property and to persons working in the roof space. The cable could have started a fire due to its single insulation and could have caused an electric shock if someone scratched or broke the single layer of insulation.


The red wire shown here is the offending cable.

We were able to rewire the offending cable with the correctly sized and insulated cable with a minimum of fuss, and we charged no more than the quoted price even though this was extra work. I would prefer to see a happy customer than leave the fault in the house.

If you find any thing you suspect to be faulty wiring or workmanship, call Chris and Mason from Barry’s Electrical of North Brisbane, and let us do it correctly for your peace of mind.