As an “A” Grade qualified electrician, it frustrates me to see poor quality work being presented to the public as acceptable practice.


It happened a while ago where I went to a job at Arana Hills that had some faults in that cables were not terminated correctly at both ends with them also being connected to the neutral and earth at one end in preparation for connection of a fitting. Cables were also stripped back too far at the switches.

Today we found a contractor had not notified Energex that they had moved the meters at a house in Albany Creek which is a big No No! in someones eyes.  Some of his work was rather questionable in his clipping distances and his bunching of cables without deregulation of the circuit protective devices, his not gluing of conduits between rigid and flexible which could leave single insulated cables exposed in the future. He also removed an old fuse board which hung down on some boards and used to have the meters on the other side, then put a great big junction box on those boards meaning they just hang in the way now. The boards should have been removed to make it tidy.

When I try to notify Authorities of the problem they cite that I should take it elsewhere as it is serious but they don’t want to say anything for possible fear of  upsetting the wrong doer and it’s really common anyway, maybe even leaving themselves open to law suits.

The Standards Association of Australia Consults with industry and associates whilst writing these Rules and yet there seems to be no one entity that will attempt to enforce them. Previously this job was done by the likes of Energex and Ergon, the energy providers.

These may seem to be petty little faults but where is the line drawn between the petty things and the items that will become dangerous and then who will act.

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